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Where the net open a 5 star international hotel one hundred yuan

Date: 2014-09-16

Online travel hotel business today is experiencing an outbreak in the seesaw battle between industry giants, it is reported, where network will, from the perspective of the two or three line segments high-end hotels, in order to "bargain" selling the five-star hotel.And ningbo is the first stop testing the waters.
On September 15 to 30, where Internet booking 10 October to December 30, ningbo area of jin yuan hotel, kaiyuan kaiyuan names hotel, century jiulong lake resort is a five-star hotel as long as 198 yuan, and the same circumstances, the hotel is 500 yuan of above.
"Ningbo sales strategy is driven by big data. Where the net through the data analysis of historical situation of each city, forecast the future sales to decide our sales strategy."Where to network the hotel division general manager Mr Bo told reporters.
Where network will cities across the country for the reclassification, in addition to the shenzhen north, followed by not only is the capital city of the traditional, also contains ningbo, suzhou, wuxi and other eastern cities, especially in the Yangtze river delta region.