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How to use micro letter ningbo hotel marketing effect

Date: 2014-09-05

In this article, I'll talk about the hotel how to use micro letter to do marketing.First we need to understand the nature of the hotel use micro letter marketing is?Micro letter 5.0 soon ", has been debated outside, no practice, no right to speak, therefore, in terms of the micro letter O2O operation essence at present stage, I was the end of the four words: membership marketing, many hotels also known as "members" marketing."Membership" marketing compared with hotel currently a member of the marketing, customer awareness and turns head will be higher, this is social and CRM properties based on micro letter.Use micro letter CRM backstage management, customer segmentation according to different attributes, and then to make different attributes of customer maintenance and management;At the same time because of the micro letter always strong social online communication, real-time processing of doubt and providing services, so as long as the operating process is reasonable, can seize the customers, and ultimately development for the hotel's loyal member.The result looks very beautiful, but the key is need hotel to do overall planning operations.Now that is a member of marketing, will solve the following problems: how to develop members, how to affiliate marketing, how the process customization, a member of how to manage, how to maintain...Before talking about these issues, remove some wrong thinking.Some people say that micro letter form a closed loop, you can directly online O2O operation.The fact is that this kind of view is wrong, the letter has a large user of body, is already a huge market, but the micro letter is the nature of the platform, and with the present platform openness it still unable to form a closed loop.For example: there are a lot of hotel public has registered a micro letter, also will push messages to customers every day, but few can pull the micro letter of users, the public, is can't make a localization and near docking access.The ring at this stage only by having the ability of operating team to make up.