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Ningbo first ancient village next spring hotel opening theme culture

Date: 2013-07-29

Hand in hand with 17 room area by kaiyuan tourism group seventeen houses
Kaiyuan item set leisure, cultural tourism, shopping, dining, wedding entertainment, and other functions as one of the cultural creative tourism demonstration area, the park will be closed from next month stepped into the stage of transformation, promoted to ancient village theme hotel culture as the core of cultural creative tourism demonstration area, is expected next spring to open their doors.Beilun district, ningbo city, the hotel will be the first ancient village theme hotel culture.
Seventeen houses
The important cradle of the kong kai yuan project is located in ningbo zhenhai zhengshi seventeen houses scenic area, relying on the cheng seventeen houses white wall tiles of the Ming and qing dynasties buildings. The main body, make full use of cultural resources, ancient villages in the area of respect historical style and features and natural ecological environment, on the basis of jiangnan ancient cultural theme hotel as the core, bend force to build a cultural creative tourism demonstration area.
"Culture is the beauty of the hotel will never die. We will always adhering to the protective development principle, through the reasonable business operations, lived in the continuation of 17 room entrance of yong shang legend."The project execution Fang Ningbo seventeen houses Jiang Yong kaiyuan resort co., LTD. Chief, said the east building as the essence of the whole scenic spot, Ming and qing dynasties after transforming will still keep its original style and features, and realize cultural tourism products and the depth of the economic integration.
Images "kong jiangnan village, big house," zheng room features 17 village is located in ningbo zhenhai seaside town Xie pu town, covers an area of 60000 square meters, building area of more than 40000 square meters, according to the traditional Chinese ancient villages and towns ", socket, switch, or "spatial pattern to carry on the design, is the largest and the most complete domestic style of Ming and qing dynasties ancient building group.Zheng room scenic area is located in chung 17 room features 17 village core blocks, house, deeply kong feeding a large number of celebrities, the representative figure of the "red top official merchant" Zheng Xun for sm "are two" doctor, than hangzhou via "from 2" to serve the doctor hu xueyan 14 years, before the high rank the half level;Cultivating the "four constant bank", "LaoFengXiang jewelry shop", "hero" ink factory, "golden source MinXinJu", and many other brand "China time-honored brand".Started with zhengshi seventeen houses scenic area to the cheng GengDou, based on the village, prosperous three historical stages of development to design theme, since open swim in September of 2009, the main "ningbo business group culture" and "the traditional festival culture" brand, in the Yangtze river delta region has won a wide range of visibility and reputation, and successfully created the national AAAA level scenic area.
Kaiyuan tourism group as the nation's largest private hotel chain, in the hotel development strategy, with the theme of the nature of the ancient heritage culture hotel as one of the key development strategy.The development of dayu kaiyuan already is recognized by all circles of the society, achieved good social benefits and economic benefits.Seventeen houses
Kaiyuan project from kaiyuan tourism group invested and build in zhenhai of ningbo kaiyuan jiulong lake resort project only 15 minutes by car, the project for the platinum five-star hotel high-end villa property, mature operation for more than 4 years, with its superior natural environment and excellent service quality, has been hailed as a "yangxin paradise", "shangri-la" in the east.17. Kaiyuan and kaiyuan ningbo jiulong lake resort will rely on each other, for kaiyuan VIP to explore a new mode of urban leisure life provides the possibility.