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Lower figure, star hotel the first step in a transformation

Date: 2014-01-24

Yesterday in an interview with the new city star hotel, the hotel food and beverage director and journalist said something just met in the morning.
"A friend of mine, I make a reservation for a box, the key is to make a discount. When I told him the lowest discount is 8 fold, he also not great, say 8 discount what discount?"The head is a bit embarrassed to tell a reporter, now the hotel business is obvious under the big picture, the business is too difficult, "and the magnitude of the 8 fold is cut the flesh of the boss, basic no profit to speak of."
Similar to the head sigh with emotion, in an interview, almost every star hotel food and beverage manager is."Artificial, rising prices of raw materials, food watch is lower profits. Last year before facing the three-fair consumption limitation, there are more and more comprehensive in specialty restaurants of closing down, star hotel all are killed red eye can say."
"Action" CD "saving" and "limit thereof consumption", these are all 2013 changzhou catering sector of vocabulary.Looking back on the past year, the city's big star international hotel experience both in the extremely difficult period, especially the dining part, revenue fell by more than 10% on average.In order to spend "winter", in the past year, the hotel practitioners pulled out all the stops big push into the mass market in an effort to save his life.
34 high star-rated hotels, food and beverage revenue last year rose only three
At present, changzhou has a total of 71 star-rated hotels, including 25 four-star hotel, a five-star hotel nine.In 2013, the zhuhai all star hotel food and beverage revenue compared to the average fell by more than 10%, while the four-star and five-star hotels, food and beverage revenue fell by more than 14% on average.
34 four-star and five-star hotels, there are only three food and beverage revenue year-on-year growth, respectively is fu ji amidst tall, han tian resort hotel, west lake tai Ming international conference center.
In a five-star hotel on the competent department of materials, the reporter sees the four-star hotel for the present article summarizes the three reasons: one is affected by the provisions, the hotel restaurant industry as a whole was rather slow;Second, star hotel, more and more, increasing competitive pressure;Three is the hotel staff, food, energy consumption, rents and other costs rising, hotel especially catering part of the pressure.
Mass consumption accounts for the proportion of star hotel food and beverage last year, more than 50%
Changzhou food, is a minor celebrity in the country, so natural also attaches great importance to the families of our city star hotel food and beverage.
According to statistics, changzhou star hotel food and beverage revenue average accounts for 57% of the hotel overall business, guest room part accounts for only 35%, and 8% of its revenues from internal supporting services, rental and leasing business.
In 2013, star hotel official consumption reduced sharply."Previously, public consumption is the start of star hotel, mass consumption, they don't value ideas but last year."Last year, according to statistics, 57% of star hotel food and beverage business, more than half are mass consumption.
The reporter understands in the interview, the vast majority of hotel food and beverage per capita consumption dropped last year, while the proportion of the buffet, reception and dinner is rising.Many hotels to mass consumer market, reduce the threshold automatically.
In tourist hotels association of database, the reporter also noticed that 2013 star hotel wedding banquet wine has dominated the market big half, only high star hotel reception banquet for the whole year to reach 115526 tables.
"After business banquets, business activity will only less and family party, wedding banquet, the baby must be our main business. In the second half of last year, we have adjusted the menu completely, now there are a number of relatively low-cost desks package, also introduced some personal business lunch menu."A star hotel to say to the reporter, director of the current situation in many of his peers.
On a "high" international hotel, now also do his "business"
Catering in the "winter" in 2013, almost every star hotel in re-examine ourselves, with a kind of "please" consumer attitudes silently make self adjustment, some star hotel even dry on the previously dismissive of "small business".Such changes, version is one of the biggest beneficiaries.
Changzhou native star hotel brand - HuaYi Ming group, in the face of market changes when trying to make a series of responses.Except for its jinling, Olympic sports Ming, Ming crape myrtle, Ming international conference center high star hotel developed to adapt to the mass market reform measures, also develop a lot of other "business".
The reporter understands, Ming group first built the average guest house price 100 yuan Ming leaves all the hotels, and then have to undertake outsourcing dining room, property management and other business, set up in hotels stores in September last year and "taste" keeping shop, selling the parity cooked food.
"Changzhou flavor really keeping store is for the mass of cold dish, delicatessen, is a four-star hotel open a door to people try, we offer the high star hotel delicacies, also provide the best service and the most popular consumption."The hotel said future tilt in mass consumption will be more and more obvious.